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Prosthesis – Châteauguay

The precision denture

For a completely natural look, a Precision Denture is the most advanced custom-made prosthesis available.

Each denture is built according to your individual measurements to conform to the specific contours of your mouth for the best possible fit.

This most cosmetically appealing choice produces maximum stability, comfort, and quality of life for you.

The standard denture

This popular removable complete or partial denture is manufactured according to the size and shape measurements of the average mouth.

It is an affordable, basic conventional dental appliance which improves chewing, speech and digestion, but is limited in how much it can be adjusted.

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The partial metal denture

A combination of chrome-cobalt and bio-compatible titanium is used in building this advanced comfort oral denture.

Much favoured by jewellers, titanium is a light but strong, durable material.

It results in an almost weightless denture that will not irritate mouth tissues or feel invasive. You benefit from the latest advanced technology in the field when you choose this type of denture.

Dental Prosthetist Châteauguay

The soft base denture

Lower dentures can be particularly challenging to wear. We have found that soft base lower dentures are the best available choice because they cushion the impact of chewing and prevent irritation to the gums far more effectively than previous options.

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